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shahrina... posing tunggu mkn
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Wednesday, 15-Mar-2006 12:00
The One where I met my anuar zain... IBSS Sabah :)
This time... tak duduk dekat Sutera Habour... we end up in Le Meridien. The hotel was superb... I got the king size bed with fluffy pillows... best rasa tak nak bgn. The first night mkn kat kedai tepi laut. After the IBSS... Business Sales belanja mkn dekat Ocean Seafood Village... the food was yummy.
So sepatutnye the next day as usual dah balik... but then becoz I had meetings with few customer so we (me, Shahrina and Chin) stayed back. And since shahrina kena jumpa customer on Monday and also Tuesday... me took leave sbb dpt stay hotel for free :D
So on the weekend we went to Pulau Mamutik for snorkeling... it's a package plus lunch. Don't remember d price though. Anyway I think I prefer Manukan compared to Mamutik becoz the fishes in Manukan more colorful... hohoho. Actually shahrina bring along her underwater camera... tapik tak tgk pun lagik gambarnye :(

Anyway the next day baliks... masa nk duduk tuh.. there's som1 seating @ my seat... so i was like... huh sape laa plaks nih. But then he mentioned that he wanted to sit with his family... and do i mind if i sit at his place instead. So he gave the ticket to the steward... and he ushered me to the Business Class... hoho of coz laa i don't mind at all LOL . So I took my seat which at 3E. Tetiba... ceng ceng ceng.. anuar zain masuk... terkedu kejaps. Pastu dia ckp to the stewardess yg seat dia 3E... when i looked back at the ticket rupanye my seat 2E. Hohoho dari plan nk tido sepanjang flight... tetiba tak rasa mengantuk langsung. Terus laa bukak buku konon nk belajar... satu page pun tak habis.. hahaha. Dok sibuk pening kepala pk mcm mane nk amik gambar ngan anuar zain nih... skali tgh rerupanye dia tido. Ape lagik... jadi paparazi laa kejap... dari celah2 tingkap tuh amik gambar dia. :->

So bile dah landing... he was the first to go depan pintu tuh. Masa tuh pk dah tak dek chance laa nk amik gambar. Tapik sbb nk jugaks... mintak excuse kat org nk gi depan.. pastu mintak steward amik kan gambar... dah amik satu anuar siap tanye lagik.. cukup keee... sbb punya laa gabra.. so ckp cukup.. damn... patutnye amik lagik byk2 menyesal menyesal.
Turun je kapal terbang ape lagik tepon a few of my frens... n bile mentioned amik gambar dengan one and only fav artist kat malaysia nih lelaki (x byk pun yg boleh nk minat kan)... semua jawab anuar zain mcm tau tau jee. Hahaha... the happiest day

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